Rugby Visitor Attraction

Rugby Visitor Attraction – Auckland, New Zealand

Key Service: Tourism and Leisure
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Project Overview: Review the preliminary business case for a rugby-focussed visitor attraction.

Scope of Work: We assisted New Zealand Rugby by providing an independent review of the reasonableness of the client’s operating and financial projections for a rugby visitor attraction. This included reviewing the concept and projections for the first five years of operation. It is planned that the attraction will give visitors a special insight into New Zealand rugby through a 3D interactive experience.

Horwath HTL Solution: Horwath HTL agreed with the preliminary concept and advised the client that the business case appeared to have strong potential to succeed in a competitive market in Auckland due to its strong All Blacks and NZ Rugby brand affiliations, support of New Zealand Rugby Union and rugby heroes and icons, and the “Brand Tourism” (story telling) approach to concept development.

Project Status: The new All Blacks visitor attraction is underway.

Contact for project: Stephen Hamilton